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Vote until the 7th of June! The Intenta S2100 security is nominated for the Protector Award 2019 in the category hazard alert systems.

... and happy New Year!

We will showcase our 3D-vision sensor product range at EuroCIS 2019.

Software Engineering in Chemnitz

Intenta will be showcasing its intelligent 3D vision sensor range at this year's Security Essen from September 25th to 29th ...

The new Intenta S2100 security was developed for the discrete application in areas with high security demands – e.g. room surveillance and presence analysis in financial institutions (bank foyers and lobbies, vaults, etc.) ...

From March 10th to 11th our team will once again take part at this years Linux Days Chemnitz to deliver insight in our projects and carrier prospects at Intenta ...




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