Driver Assistance and Navigation

Driver Assistance Systems

Our specialty is the development of software for driver assistance systems and navigation. This area has quickly grown in recent years. Together with our clients, we share the vision to assist the driver wherever they wish, through the use of sensors and algorithms, up to and including autonomous driving. Today we are already working on the technology of tomorrow and together with our clients, believe that this vision will soon become a reality.

For developing software for driver assistance systems Intenta Automotive GmbH is uniquely equipped: We bring the knowledge that is  required with to industrialize software components for the automotive sector as well as our many years of experience in developing complex algorithms. This combination makes us a renowned and reliable partner for the development of driver assistance systems and navigation components.

In the development of algorithms in the automotive sector, it is important for us to test our systems on the road. We have been granted special permission by the State of Saxony for the operation of test vehicles (§ 19 Road Traffic Regulation) and invite our customers and partners to experience our systems live in action. Only what works on the street counts!

Intenta is your dynamic and flexible partner for the entire software development process, from the concept development phase and series development through software release and support.