Making Sure it’s Right

Testing of software components on a functional level is not limited to the specification and implementation of test cases. The more complex and elaborate the function to be tested is, the more important are universal test tools and experience with complex facts and systems. We at Intenta have the necessary skills to test our software extensively.

In addition to the availability of fully equipped test vehicles, this includes the worldwide collection of measurement data and the recording and generation of reference data.

Following the generation of reference data, the data is annotated by a competent and experienced team. Our advanced software and state-of-the-art algorithms are used, whereby partially automated processes are essential factors for quality assurance and efficiency.

The result is a test report that is so detailed and systematically secured that developers are quickly and efficiently enabled to further develop and optimize the actual function of the software component.


Our Competencies

  • Construction and equipment of test vehicles
  • Specification and implementation of test cases on functional and non-functional level
  • Data management and processing of acquired raw sensor data
  • Annotation of measurement and reference data
  • Automatic generation of reports

Our Tools

  • EXAM
  • RapiCover von Rapita Systems, www.rapitasystems.com
  • DOORS®, in-Step®
  • ADTF (Automotive Data and Time-Triggered Framework)
  • Python