Protector Award 2019: Vote for the Intenta S2100 security

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The Intenta S2100 security - 3D Vision Sensor was developed for the discrete application in areas with high security demands: Next to the application in access control systems (e.g. singularization systems) or for statistical analysis in public areas, the S2100 security is mainly used for room surveillance and behavior analysis in financial facilitites (like bank foyer, ATM terminals or strongrooms). 


Thanks to automated people and object detection with intelligent scene analysis, the Intenta S2100 security provides increased safety around the clock. It detects lost baggage, unwanted overnight visitors or flash mobs in real time and alerts the security staff in the right moment. 

In combination with the video management system of our partner even very complex and atypical customer behavior can be detected - for example ATM detonations. The latter can be prevented in combination with misting systems.


Reasons for the nomination:

The Intenta S2100 security is the first 3D-Vision Sensor for applications in security areas that detects people and object even under adverse conditions. The automated and intelligent scene interpretation enables complete room surveillance around the clock and provides increased safety.

Other than similar products on the market the Intenta S2100 security is able to detect lying persons on ground level. The robust, tamper-proof housing protects the unit with all inputs from unauthorized manipulations. It can only be dismounted with special tools.

Embedded image processing enables high data security. The transmission of image data to external receivers in case of a reported event is optional. Furthermore, no additional computer technology is necessary. With API the sensor can be easily integrated into higher-level systems.


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