Seamless store analysis through multi-sensor tracking

Intelligent 3D sensors from Intenta for people counting and customer tracking

The 3D vision sensors from Intenta enable the analysis of customer behavior on large sales areas.] With the help of the multi-sensor tracking feature, the customer journey can be seamlessly recorded in the entire shop. The intelligent data processing directly on the device also guarantees anonymous and data protection-compliant data collection. The 3D vision sensors can be easily integrated into existing systems and provide reliable data for all common analysis tools. Intenta sensors are developed and manufactured in Germany.

Precise counting of people and extensive customer tracking

With the 3D sensor technology from Intenta you get highly accurate visitor numbers. By coupling several sensors, particularly wide entrance areas - up to entire shops - can be analyzed across the board. Individuals are tracked precisely even in crowds of people. A distinction can be made between children and adults. In addition to the functions for counting people, you get valuable data about the attractiveness of certain shop areas and articles with the dwell-time measurement and route detection.

Full flexibility for shop operators and integrators

When developing the sensors, Intenta attaches great importance to the greatest possible flexibility for end customers and integrators. Thanks to a universal API, the sensors can be easily integrated into existing systems. They provide reliable data for analytics solutions of your choice in real time and offer a valuable technical basis for strategic decisions for the future of your shop.


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