Intenta S1000 people counter: New 3D vision sensor for customer analytics

Intenta S1000 people counter: The new 3D vision sensor for customer counting

Intenta expands smart sensor range to include retail specialists

With the Intenta S1000 people counter, Intenta GmbH expands its proven product range of 3D sensors for automatic scene analysis. It provides precise data for visitor statistics and targeted analyses to optimize store concept and product placement. Thanks to intelligent image processing directly on the device, the Intenta S1000 people counter is easy to integrate into existing systems with low maintenance and also offers the highest level of data protection.


The new Intenta S1000 people counter is an easy-to-integrate and also cost-effective option for people counting and dwell time measurements in the retail sector. The functionality for counting tasks is based on the proven algorithms and the stereovision principle of the Intenta S2000 multifunction sensors. Possible applications of the new Intenta S1000 people counter range from the retail sector (queue detection, path analysis, success measurement of product placement, etc.) to the public sector (visitor counting and level measurement at trade fairs, in public institutions and museums, etc.).


The Intenta S1000 provides reliable data for the collection of the following key figures:

  • Number of visitors (total)
  • Level measurement   in the analysis area
  • Skimming rate and conversion rate
  • Walkway analysis
  • Dwell time measurement on products and advertising displays for success analysis
  • Queue detection with automatic push notifications

The S1000 supports multisenor tracking and can thus be used for data acquisition over large areas.


Highest data protection and easy to integrate

With the new Intenta S1000, the integrated image analysis also guarantees maximum data security, as no personal data is stored or transmitted externally. In addition, uncomplicated integration into any customer system is possible thanks to a wide range of interfaces. The sensor is commissioned and set up on site via a user-friendly web frontend. A customer-specific pre-configuration facilitates the rollout of large projects.


Additional options for person recognition in safety-critical areas

Intenta GmbH offers holistic system and sensor solutions beyond people counting. Through automatic person and object detection with subsequent intelligent scene interpretation, for example, the multifunction sensors Intenta S2000 and S2100 security can be used for presence and behavior analysis in areas with increased security requirements or as a supplement for access control systems.


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